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Information Overload, AI,
and Responsibility

Current volume contains the collection of papers presented at the conference Information Overload, Artificial Intelligence, and Responsibility (UCU, Lviv, 2020). The authors analyze rapid progress in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence (AI) from philosophical and ethical perspective. They reflect upon the role of such phenomena as humanity, responsibility, freedom, and decision making in the digital world preoccupied with the gathering, analysis, and enhancement of the ever-growing amount of data. Is there anything distinctively human that cannot be re-delegated to AI? In what regard – and to what extent – does artificial intelligence resemble the human one? What morality has to do with algorithms and calculations? Does today’s ethical component of the information industry lag behind the technological one? What has the ancient philosopher Aristotle to say to contemporary AI developers regarding their virtues – or even happiness? How to deal with the overload of both the informa-
tion about the world provided for us, and the data about us provided to the world? The authors ponder upon these and other questions related to the ethics in the digital world.

Information Overload, AI, and Responsibility / ed. Oleh Melnychenko, Carrie Schumacher. Lviv: Ukrainian Catholic University, 2021. – 96 p.
ISBN 978-617-7637-35-5

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